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Our Story

After using many methods to earn money and having received help from many people for several years. We decided to do the same for people who are looking to make up their end of the month or even make a living from it.

Burgersbucks was set up to bring together the largest number of offers on the Internet. All this to allow you to achieve the objective of $100 per day for each member regardless of its geographical location. For this you can find surveys, download Apps, discounts at merchants, earn for watch videos and much moreā€¦

Our Philosophy

We work harder,
to let your earn more

Sean Ngu
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How it Works

It's very simple, you register, you setting your account, your choose an advertiser and you complete offers to earn BBs that you redeem for cash.

Offer Walls

Burgers Bucks want you to earn as much money as possible per day, that's why we are the only ones to offer more than 15 Offers Walls.


Global offers where you can find surveys, app downloads, watch videos and more.


Watch many videos and earn BBs point or choose to add your videos to increase your visibility.

Many payment processors

Earn your BBs, Redeem for cash and Transfer on your PayPal or Perfect Money account.

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DilshanRox (Sri Lanka)$0.0276trung281120 (Vietnam)$0.8188trung281120 (Vietnam)$1.5364allan123 (Algeria)$14.8000Tamara (Algeria)$16.0000Wall (Slovakia)$1.1400Wall (Slovakia)$0.6200Candice4 (United States)$2.0300allan123 (Algeria)$1.0000allan123 (Algeria)$1.0000

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