Frequently Asked Questions

How’s Burgers Bucks gonna help me make money?

 Advertisers pay Burgers Bucks for consumers who fill out online surveys, participate in contests watch videos and many other tasks. We share revenue with our members to reward you for the time you took to complete tasks. 

Does it cost to use Burgers Bucks?

Registration on Burgers Bucks is 100% free. Concerning the offers a great majority of the offers are free, it is up to you to pay attention to the offers that are paid. 

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum to withdraw is $10, because we have entered into a new partnership with alarms and we need to hinder a minimum income to be able to withdraw at home. This will have to change in the coming months.

When will I receive my money?

 It takes between 3 and 5 business days to process your payment, as we have new advertisers and that for the start of the partnership they pay us in NET 15 or NET30. For the first few months, we have chosen to pay you in NET 30, for example your earnings during the month of March you will be paid on April 30.

How to win on Burgers Bucks

We have many offers and wall offers, you can find surveys, tasks to perform, participate in contests, watch videos and much more.

How do I exchange my bbs points?

All you have to do is go to the money menu and exchange to turn your bbs into cash to your main account.

How do I withdraw my money?

All you have to do is go into the money menu and then withdraw. You choose where you want to send your money for now there is Paypal available and perfect money. Other means of payment will be available soon. I cannot withdraw my money.  Verify that your main balance is greater than the minimum required to withdraw. Don’t forget to redeem your Bbs in cash.

How much can I earn?

You can earn from 0.1 bb to 10 0 00 bbs per validated spot and you can earn more than $100 with the many offers we have however this may change depending on your location and the number of actions you do.

How many account can I have?

 Only one account is authorized per person. The cheating system will ban people trying to open multiple accounts automatically.

What country are you accepted ?

We accept all countries however some countries may not have any offers.

My account has been suspended, I will be able to get it back

Start by contacting us, then if the reason that led us to banish you and after your explanations we feel that you have served your penalty, we will unblock your account or ask you for ID.

How much I earn from referrals?

When you invite friends you gonna earn 10% for life.

Do I have to sign up for stuff to earn money?

Most of the offers that BurgersBucks proposeds to you will include an opportunity to earn additional money by taking advantage of the offer for the product or service that is being advertised. However, you will earn cash for confirming the offer.

I signed up, but did not receive my Confirmation Email ?

Your Confirmation Email is sent immediately after you sign up for BurgersBucks. It may take a few minutes for the Confirmation Email to reach your Inbox, especially if you are using a free email service provider such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.

If you have not received your Confirmation Email within a few minutes, please check your Junk or Bulk folder, as some email providers may automatically filter your Email. To ensure delivery of our to your Inbox, please add and to your email address book or contact list.

Can I send my money to another PayPal account?

No, the information provided to Burgers Bucks, must be that of yours and not anyone else.  This includes the PayPal email address used for payment.  Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

Will I have to provide banking information or Social Security Number to create a PayPal account?

In order to create a PayPal account, you would need to provide PayPal with either banking information or credit card information

If you would like to use funds within PayPal to purchase or transfer funds from one PayPal to another, you would need to provide your Social Security Number as well as verification documentation as required by PayPal. 

If you do not wish to provide your Social Security Number, you can transfer the funds directly to your bank account.

Can I cancel my PayPal Payment?

Once a payment has been requested, it cannot be reversed.

Once the funds have been sent to your PayPal account, these funds cannot be returned.

I received notice from BurgersBucks that my PayPal payment was processed, but why aren’t the funds in my PayPal account?

We do not have visibility into your personal PayPal account.  For assistance, please contact PayPal.

Why are the funds back in my Burgers Bucks account?

One of the reasons this could be the case is if PayPal denies the payment, we are unable to process the payment so the funds are returned to your Burgers Bucks account.  Before requesting payment via PayPal again, please contact PayPal for assistance in resolving why your payment was denied.

How to Sign up for PayPal?

You can sign up at the time you request payment on  your Burgers Bucks account or go directly to PayPal.